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Today’s theme is “Dichotomy” … the stark contrast of a cemetery with stunning ocean views … can the dead see? They are buried on prime real estate …

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What Will Happen Now That I Have a Place to Hide?

A half mile down the road the dirt shoulder was wide enough for me to pull over. As I did, the car that had been behind me at the intersection flew past, inches from my side mirror. The silver blur was gone too fast for me to do more than register its presence but after it was gone cold fear dripped through me.

It couldn’t have been him, could it? It was the right color but I really didn’t see anything else. There were a lot of silver cars on the road. I couldn’t allow myself to jump every time I come across one.

If it had been him he wouldn’t have just driven past, would he? I sat completely still, waiting without knowing what I expected to happen. Did I think he was going to come back for me? If so, why hadn’t I pulled a U turn and run the other way? And yet I remained frozen as the minutes passed in silence.

I was pulled from my trance-like state when another vehicle passed, a silver Toyota Camry. Perhaps because this proved that his wasn’t the only silver car I was able to function again, my mind resuming its ability to process information.

I pulled Google maps up again, searching for the closest hotel, almost desperate now to be off the road. Finally determining the nearest one was almost 10 miles away, I hit the button for directions. The disembodied female voice instructed me to turn around, which I gladly did. Returning to the intersection I then turned right, heading back in the direction from which I had come.

Passing the ramp to the highway I followed the road under the overpass, finding myself surrounded by fast food restaurants and gas stations typical of highway exits that exist solely to meet the needs to travelers.. On the right side, behind a run down Citgo station with 2 pumps was the nondescript two story hotel to which I’d been guided.

As I pulled into the lot I noticed that the building, although ancient, appeared to be well maintained. Walking into the lobby I found the area to be clean although plain. I approached the front desk, setting my backpack at my feet.

Within minutes I was signing the credit card receipt and taking the key from a woman whose appearance and demeanor so perfectly matched the establishment I felt she must be the proprietor. Her simple black slacks paired with a white button down shirt, her shoulder length hair pulled back severely into a bun, along with her quiet ease drew as much attention to the hotel agent as the off-white exterior walls and stark landscaping brought to the building itself.

It may not have been as elegant as where I had been staying, but this would be the perfect place to spend a few days thinking about my relationship with Clay and planning my future.

This post is in response to the daily writing prompts Nondescript and is part of something longer I’m working on.

This post is a part of the story about the ex and comes after Even Google Didn’t Know Which Way I Should Turn.

Kira’s Sunday Scribbles

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Even Google Didn’t Know Which Way I Should Turn

I watched the numbers on the clock change as I struggled with uncertainty. After five minutes I resolved to give it two more before I tried to move over. I wasn’t sure that would be enough time but I didn’t want to miss the exit. Time crawled by until finally the moment came. I hesitated, the fear bubbling inside me threatening to take over.

Pushing my despair aside I accelerated slightly, pulling ahead of the truck. I signaled and was able to pull in front of the truck easily. With that one small success, I filled with determination. I was going to get off this highway. I would get away from him. I would figure out what I needed to do. I couldn’t let him get to me this way.

The car that had been behind me passed, quickly closing the gap I had left with the car that had been in front of me. I ignored his angry glare. He couldn’t possibly understand how desperate my situation was.

Now that the truck wasn’t blocking my view I took a moment to check out the situation. The sign overhead indicated the exit was just half a mile away. I glanced toward the breakdown lane but saw nothing out of the ordinary. Did he already pass?

Hope grew as the exit came into sight. I pulled into the lane to my right, cutting off one of the other drivers. I had been so intent on my goal I hadn’t looked where I was going. I would have to be more careful. An accident right now wouldn’t help me at all.

With relief I pulled onto the off ramp, speeding to the stoplight at the bottom. Unsure where I was or where I was going I decided to turn right, simply so I wouldn’t have to wait for the traffic signal to change. I slowed down but since there was no one coming I rolled through the red light

I found myself on a rural two lane road and as the trees surrounded me I felt like I was a million miles from the beach house. I drove for another ten minutes, simply appreciating the perceived freedom of being away from the traffic. I found my speed constantly creeping up so I tried to focus my attention on maintaining 5 over the posted 40 mph limit.

As I hummed to myself in the silence of the car I suddenly realized the radio was still off. When I clicked it on music filled the space. Eerily it was one of the songs that had been played at the festival Clay had been part of so long ago.

I pushed the fanciful thought aside. In the weeks we had been together we had listened to a lot of music. It really wasn’t that surprising one of the songs would be playing on the radio, even though I hadn’t realized the local band was big enough to be played so widely. My paranoia was getting the best of me. I reminded myself not everything was about me, or this situation. It was simply a coincidence that this song happened to be playing at that moment. Still, I turned the radio off again.

Coming to a stop at a four way intersection it occurred to me that I had no idea which way I should go. Picking up my phone I opened Google maps. It appeared there was nothing around me for miles. Why on earth was there an exit from the highway to this land of nothingness?

In my zealous haste to escape the traffic I’d ended up literally in the middle of nowhere.

I typed the word “hotel” into the search bar and nothing appeared. As I expanded the area of my search a car approached quickly behind me, coming to an abrupt halt inches from me. The road was dim with the sun beginning to set beyond the trees, making it difficult to make out much about the car or driver behind me.

I jumped when he honked his horn. Making a hasty decision I turned left, unsure where the road would take me.

This post is in response to the daily writing prompts Zealous and is part of something longer I’m working on.

This post is a part of the story about the ex and comes after My Only Hope Was to Remain Hidden.

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