Why Time Out Might Be Making Your Child’s Behavior Worse

My house is still torn apart. Neither bedroom I’ve been renovating is finished, although one is close. I have piles of things the girls want to get rid of and a yard sale is pending in my future – and I hate yard sales. I’m still stuck with my novel. I feel like I’ve somehow lost the message of the story and I’m trying to get it back. I want to do a second book on my Thriving Not Surviving theme. My Christmas decorations are down but not put away. I’m finally getting back to yoga and running after nearly 2 weeks without either.

But I couldn’t resist one more thing. My sister has asked me to partner with her on her website and so I have been working on that. She is an expert in child behavior and works with children with autism. She’s a licensed BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) with a master’s degree and plenty of knowledge but doesn’t enjoy writing the way I do. So we are combining our skills.

Our first collaborative post I could have used about 10 years ago: Why Time Out Might Be Making Your Child’s Behavior Worse.

I have long wanted a way to contribute, to use my skills in a way that makes the world better. It’s why I wrote my first book and will continue to write. I’m excited to learn and grow in this new way. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts! Even if you’re not a parent feel free to subscribe to the blog and keep up with what we’re doing – and share it with people you know who have kids!


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