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Is It All Just a Dream?


My phone announces another message. I reach for it breathlessly, wondering if it’s from you. praying it is. I shouldn’t feel this way. I shouldn’t want so much.

I barely know you. We haven’t even met, yet it seems as if you are a long lost friend. Where did you come from? How did you find me? I wasn’t expecting this at all; you have taken me completely by surprise.

Your words are like satin, all smooth and glossy. They wrap me in softness I have long forgotten. You say what I have been longing to hear and I want so much to get lost in the luxurious feel, even if it’s only for a little while. It would be so good to just let go, to trust, to allow myself to indulge in the possibilities.

Your message causes a physical reaction. I respond to what you’ve written as if you’ve run your hands over my body, sensuously caressing my skin, even though you’ve said nothing seductive. It’s so intense I can barely breathe. How is this even possible? What are you doing to me?

It’s been so long since I’ve had someone to lean on, a partner. I want to believe it’s possible, that this isn’t just a dream; but I’m afraid. I’ve opened myself up before and been left heartbroken. I’ve shed too many tears already, there aren’t any left.

If I look past your words is the reality still as shiny? Is there darkness behind the luster?

I close my eyes and imagine you are there. What would it be like? My heart begins to pound just thinking about having you near. I get goosebumps when I conjure an image of you drawing closer. I can almost feel you against me, your arms around me. I rest my head against your chest, finally at peace. At long last I feel like I can sleep.


Slowly I awaken, only to realize it is my morning alarm and not a text message after all. Is it possible it was all just a dream? It seems so real. Maybe, just maybe….

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Satin

Please Wrap Me in Your Warm Embrace

Knee deep in snow, the bright sunshine reflecting off the white pristine surface gently warms my face, the only part of me left unprotected from the cold. Similarly, my inner turmoil wages war; frigid loneliness battles tepid peace. Who could fail to appreciate the beauty of this winter morning? The sun glints off the tips of frozen pine boughs; icicles cling to naked branches as barren as my soul.

Standing here I relive each heartache, each twist and turn that has led me to this life of isolation. Every painful sorrow has added another brick to the wall around my heart. I have united all my personal demons, strengthened by my disabling fear of being hurt yet again, to create a ritualistic dance of protection; first I lash out with words as sharp as a sword, then quickly withdraw out of reach.

Apricity wraps itself around me like a blanket, like a lover’s arms.

Only an archaic word like apricity will suffice on such a day, as I stand wallowing in solitude. It shelters me. It defends me. It thaws my frozen heart.

I long to share this moment; break free from my self-imposed quarantine. I need to devise new moves, ones that welcome instead of repel. I yearn for tools to break apart the mortar protecting my heart.

I crave the touch of another, a warm breath on my chilly skin. I ache to feel my heart racing with fervent anticipation, instead of crippling worry. I want to be able to surrender completely and trust that someone will be there to catch me.

But I am afraid; in truth I am terrified.

I dream of carefree days, playfully frolicking together instead of facing each empty day alone. I fantasize that someday I will find a way to break down the barriers; shatter the glass cage I have forced myself into. I imagine a life where I am free of the confines of my cowardice and allow another to share my darkest secrets.

I know I can’t do this alone; I’ve tried endlessly and failed. Who has the chisel that can crack through this hardened shell? Who will wrap me in their warming embrace and melt the crystals that are now the foundation for my heart and soul?

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Archaic

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You Are My Guilty Pleasure

When I’m feeling down you lift me up.

When life becomes overwhelming you listen without judging.

When I’m scared you tell me everything will be okay.

When I think I can’t carry any more you share the load.

When I’m tired you help me rest.

You are my guilty pleasure.

I should be able to stand on my own, but I’m grateful you are there when I just can’t.

I want to be strong and fearless, but it is your friendship that gives me strength and courage.

I need to take care of myself, but I appreciate more than I can say when you take the time to help.

I could continue to do everything alone, but I’m happy you are with me.

I wish I could do more for you, but I need to let you support me as much as I support you.

Thank you for being my friend.

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Guilty

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What Amazing Discoveries Are Just Around the Bend?

Come, hike through the forest with me. There’s something magical about it, like entering a secret world. Anything could be up ahead where the path bends and disappears. What will we encounter?

Maybe we’ll find a meadow full of wildflowers, butterflies flitting from bloom to bloom. Patches of pink, purple and blue contrast against the green grass. I want to run through it, arms spread wide in the sunshine.

Maybe there will be a dead end, a rocky cliff overlooking a vast valley with a peaceful stream running through it. Deer and other small creatures fearlessly drink their fill. I want to leap from the stone, soaring high with a bird’s eye view.

Maybe we’ll discover an abandoned cabin, moss growing up the ancient wooden walls. Wood lays stacked in rows next to the rickety door. I want to build a fire in the stone hearth, cuddling together in front of it.

Maybe there will be a cave, a thin fissure just wide enough to squeeze through. Markings on the walls show that someone was here before. I want to explore, unlocking the mystery.

Maybe we’ll stumble upon a wobbly footbridge, spanning the gap formed by a narrow gorge. The wood and rope sway in the breeze. I want you to hold my hand as we cross, easing my fears with your touch.

All too often I walk this path alone. Just for today, won’t you join me?

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Disappear

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