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I'm a single mom who has gone through my share of struggles. As I work to improve my life I also hope to help others along the way. It hasn't been easy but it is always worth it.


Do not let other people’s fears keep you trapped inside their box! ❤️


Some people only like you
If you fit inside their box
Their box is filled with prejudice
Their condemnations never stop.

They’ll judge you and ostracize you
If they think you don’t fit in
They’ll make you feel inadequate
That’s where it all begins.

Who made them judge and jury?
Why are they sitting on the throne?
Who gave them all the power?
They need to change their tone.

They have no right to judge you
To make you feel so bad
They think they’re so above you
It’s all so very sad.

You musn’t let them hurt you
You‘re worth more than that
Stand up and value your self-worth
Come on, you must fight back.

They are just small minded
Hate and fear is all they’ve known
They lack true compassion
Because their hearts are made of stone.

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”Life is Limited..Live Unlimited ”

Don’t limit yourself to only what you think is possible!


“Information is not knowledge.” ~Einstein

A few years ago I was lost. Frustrated. Scared. Unsure. Anxious. Trapped. Unfulfilled. Stuck in a dead-end job. Smothered by society’s expectations. Didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life.

I cared for myself enough to change my life, but I didn’t have the slightest clue where to start. I spent my days wishing that things would change—that I could escape a life that my soul could no longer bear.

The worst part of all, I was living the life that society had always told me to live. “Find a secure job, work hard,” they would say. “Get a solid job and work your way up the ladder.”

I don’t know about you, but it turns out that for me, the “right thing to do” sucked the joy out of life.


Imagine feeling trapped in an unsatisfying existence. Wasting your precious time doing things that you really don’t want…

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Who I Am

Updated 4/7/2018…

Much like my life, I have just deleted everything I had previously written about myself and started over. Select All>Delete. New beginning.

I am a mother. Hmmmm…

I am a single mother. Almost…

I am a grateful single mother.

I lead an amazing life. It is busy, and full, and crazy in the best possible way. There is so much I am thankful for in my life.

And yet I want more. Scratch that. I want MUCH more.

I am learning that there really are endless possibilities. I have been so limited in my thinking, in what I thought was possible, that I failed to make the choices that would lead me to the life I truly deserve.

I thought that there was one “right” path, one way to be “successful.” I thought if I learned the formula I could achieve my goals. But what I’ve learned is that by doing this I limited myself to only the goals I could imagine. I limited myself to what I believed was possible. Because of this I was missing opportunities to choose the direction that I now feel I was meant to take.

I have always, from the time I was a little girl, wanted to write. I have always wanted to be an author. And yet, I let life push me around. I dabbled in writing here and there, but it was never as important as washing the dishes and folding the laundry. I put what I wanted to be doing behind what I felt needed to be done.

I let my lack of self-worth keep my dreams hidden. What my kids needed was more important. Making my friends happy mattered more. My job came first, well…third…but definitely ahead of me. Cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn, painting the house…it all came ahead of the things that would truly make me happy.

I let fear and self-doubt control me. I worried about what people would think, if I would be good enough. “What if I fail?” “What if I waste all this time and nothing comes of it?”

In March of 2018 I decided to commit myself to writing, to make it my first priority instead of my last. And I learned that when you truly commit yourself you can achieve great things.

When I began writing here I had a plan, a designed purpose, something I wanted to achieve. But I struggled finding my voice. The words didn’t flow. It didn’t feel right. Then I started participating with the word prompt of the day and something beautiful happened. I stopped writing what I thought I was supposed to write and instead started writing what I was feeling.

And it was AWESOME.

The words just flowed. The more posts I wrote the easier it was for me to just let go of my plan and follow my heart. Sometimes I go back and reread what I’ve written and I’m simply amazed that these words came from me.

I’ve fallen in love with writing, and the WordPress community. I love connecting with people who read what I’ve written and I love reading what others have posted. This is an unbelievable journey and I’m grateful you’re joining me. Who knows where this may lead?

My name is Dianna (Dee) Kelly. It’s nice to meet you.

Myths and Magic, How Can They Show You the Way?

I want a genie, a magician who can grant my wishes…at least the top 3. I want to meet a wizard with a book of incantations who can make my dreams come true with just the right words. I want to find my fairy godmother with a magic wand who will listen to my deepest desires, then make them real with a snap of her wrist.

Surely one of them can help. I need to find the easy button, the quick route to the life I now believe I deserve. I’ve waited so long and I can’t wait anymore. Until my genie appears, I am willing to put in the effort, to take the risks, to push past my fears and do anything to reach my goal.

But I desperately want some bewitchment to give me courage. Until I can summon my magician, I will count on my friends, both new and old. I will soak up their love and support, bask in their encouragement and accept their assistance without shame. They make me stronger, not weaker.

However if I could get a spell that shows just the right path, highlights the correct direction to turn so I stop taking detours along the way, the distance would not be so far. Until my wizard reveals this, I will continue to learn from each mistake, the wrong turns teaching more than the right ones would have anyway.

Still if a sparkling wand should materialize it could grant me wisdom that would allow me to make my decisions wisely. Until my fairy godmother emerges from the mist, I will fully trust myself, have faith that the choices I am making are the right ones. And I will know that whatever happens as a result I am still moving forward.

I am finding out, starting to believe, that these magical beings exist, but not in human form. I have been searching high and low yet I’ve discovered that they may be in the one place I failed to look; it’s possible I can only find them within myself. If I can become completely silent and listen, truly hear, the answers can be found within me.

Shhhh….are you listening? I think I just heard something…

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This was exactly what I needed to read today!


via Daily Prompt: Fret


If you are being ridiculed
There’s no need to fret
Don’t let the others get to you
Let it go…go straight to bed.

A good night’s sleep’s the answer
You’ll feel better when you wake
Don’t let the “jellies” get to you
Forget them for goodness sake.

They are just small-minded
Selfish bullies in disguise
Don’t let them get the best of you
Don’t let them see you cry.

Stand up and don’t you worry
About what they do or say
You’ll be better off without them
They’re just getting in your way.

If all they want is to make fun
Of you and what you wear
They’re really awfully shallow
Why should you really care?

You are going places
They will stay behind
You will have the last laugh
You will blow their minds.

A real friend’s always there for you
And wouldn’t make…

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No Need to Fret, But I Still Worry…

I tell myself there’s no need to fret; I don’t have to worry. It will all work out for the best. I believe in myself. I am strong. I am confident. I am brave.

And then something happens that threatens my resolve, causes me to doubt.

This morning I found out that my ex and his wife learned that I was publishing a book and writing a blog. It was only a matter of time. It’s not a secret; it can’t be. But I know they’re going to read it, or rather their stepmother will read it and report back to my ex. I’m certain they want to know what I might be writing about them. Little do they know that they factor so little in my life these days that I rarely mention them at all.

Yet this fills me with fear that is not proportional to the circumstances. It tempts me to censor what I write and that is frustrating me. I want this blog to be a place where I am free to write how I feel. I don’t want to worry about whether they will find out and try to use something I write against me.

I love what I am creating here. I honestly do. I’m proud of what I’m putting out there, both on this blog and in my book. I don’t want to let my fear of how he might react lesson that in any way.

For a number of reasons, partly in anticipation of this exact situation, and partly for other reasons, I had already registered a separate domain that I will be using for writing related to my book and any future publications, because yes, I want to do this again, and again. The new domain currently points to this blog, but I need to change that; and I need to do that before the book is published.

Selfishly perhaps, I want to keep this blog for me. I want to have this space to be an unfiltered reflection of me. So I believe this is for the best, although it’s not really what I want to do. It’s the only way I can stop the worry that has taken hold…

Please let me know your thoughts, I’d like to know.

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It is Only Possible to be Successful Together

Yesterday I took my girls and two of their friends to an escape room. I don’t know if you’ve heard about these or done them but they’re amazing. Although they are universally called “escape rooms,” some don’t actually require you to escape and instead have a goal to meet or a treasure to find. To succeed you must complete the tasks within one hour.

In order to solve the puzzles you need to work together with everyone else in the room. Teamwork will make the difference between success and failure. In many of the rooms I’ve done there has been an opening to a second room that gets revealed partway through the game. In one case, someone had to turn a crank in one room while someone in the other room provided them with instructions. All the rooms I’ve done have been like this in some regard, requiring players to communicate effectively.

This is one of my favorite activities, and it’s no wonder because it involves seeing what is in the room, but sometimes looking at it from a different perspective. The answers are always there, you just have to see them in the right light. It involves a collaboration of effort, everyone bringing their unique knowledge and perceptions together, the whole being worth more than each of the parts.

It involves finding hidden meaning, which if you’ve been reading my blog you might realize is really what I do best. It’s not that I overthink things, but rather that I look for the meaning or lesson in events and situations that others might ignore. Maybe it’s the frustrated, suppressed teacher in me that yearns to get out; but there is so much to learn from this type of game:

1. You will always have more success when working together.
2. If you don’t see the answer it doesn’t mean you’re not looking in the right place, you just might be looking at it the wrong way.
3. If a problem seems too hard, you may need to get some help. Someone else might already have the answer.
4. Speaking louder isn’t always the best fix for a problem communicating.
5. You never know where you might find the next clue.
6. Often the answer seems obvious once you find it.
7. Keep trying new things, you never know what might work.
8. Start now, immediately. Nothing good comes from waiting.

Honestly I love these so much the past 2 years our Halloween party has encompassed these types of puzzles. I come up with the stories, clues and puzzles and the kids work together to find the solution. I can’t wait to get started on the one for this year!

Have you done one? If so, share your experience. I’d love to hear what you thought!

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