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I'm a single mom who has gone through my share of struggles. As I work to improve my life I also hope to help others along the way. It hasn't been easy but it is always worth it.

This Is My Life (Another Puppy Video)

I’m writing this post while sitting at a beach bar listening to live music and waiting for my chicken artichoke flatbread. It’s a beautiful (although breezy) 70 degrees. THIS is why I live here. It’s just amazing.

At home there are 2 puppies patiently waiting for my return. They’re much better in their crate now and I’ve had 3 peaceful nights. They understand “go to bed” means “go to the crate” and they rarely hesitate. Impressive for only 5 weeks old!

They still have no idea why I don’t like them using my carpet as a toilet…but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers. I’ll take the sleep over having them housebroken.

And as a reward for checking out my post, here’s an adorable video. The puppies couldn’t figure out how to get around the door. Be sure to watch to the end…as there’s a surprise waiting for them once they figure it out. 😉



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