Best Life Collaborative Keeps Growing!

Things continue to grow at BLC.  We have an official logo now (thanks to Ashley!).  We have had another new member join, Heather Tasker from Lame Girl’s Guide to… and we have a prospective member who hasn’t been posted yet (a full list of our members can be found on our Members page).  In fact, we are growing so quickly I’ve created an onboarding packet and am thinking about ways to scale this project.  My hope is to allow the collaborative to grow organically while retaining the original mission of the project.  This information is now included in the onboarding packet to ensure we maintain a consistent message.

Our stated mission is:

We have come together to support each other and to help cross-promote our products and services.  Although the group was started by me, Dianna Kelly, it is entirely the combined efforts of our members that will make this successful.  It is our intention to provide each other with inspiration and motivation, and to share knowledge as each of us continues to learn.

Our message is one of hope, recovery, collaboration, growth, and improvement.  I hope that together we share resources, knowledge and experience so that each of us can be more successful than we would have been alone.

Our members have been busy writing for BLC, in addition to their own blogs.

Take a minute to see what they’re sharing!

As we grow, we are looking for members who want to begin or grow a business, blog or audience in wellness, whether it is physical, mental, spiritual, or regarding parenting and other types of relationships.  Whether you offer products or services, written content or artistic renderings, scholarly teachings or fictional stories, you are welcome here so long as you are willing to promote our mission.

It has been our experience that simply being part of the group has enabled members to take steps they may have been delaying or were afraid to take.  It is my intention that this collaborative helps each member identify and reach their personal and professional goals.

Each member will be featured on our Member page and will have their own post with a biography and personal photo.  Each member will be set up as an author for the site and will have access to post within guidelines that will be defined as we move forward.

If you’re interested you can email me at


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