Best Life Collaborative

I am excited to announce that our collaborative group is growing. We now have 11 members working together. We are inspiring each other to take action. We are motivating each other to take the next step. Working together we can do great things! We have had two articles published this week:

Intro to the blogging & blossoming series by Ashley Peterson, author of Mental Health @ Home

How a Low Carb Diet Can Ease Depression by Kimberly Smyth, author of Keto for Beginners

We posted about two of our newer members:

Nida Elley

Nida is a writer and teacher who writes on the blog Lovelorn to create a sense of hope for those who feel disconnected with the world around them. She has been published in the anthology Austenistan.

Jo Ray

Jo is the author of the blog The Creative PTSD Gal where she uses her creativity to manage her CPTSD and inspire others suffering from mental distress.

A complete list of our members can be found on Best Life Collaborative.  On this page you will find a short snippet about each member, plus a link to their more detailed information.  Please take a minute to learn about our project and members!



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