Let’s Do This Together!

I’m ready!  I have several people who have contacted me about collaborating.  I’d love to have more.  What WordPress has shown me is that we all achieve more when we support each other.  (Did you miss my post I Hope You Will Join Me! to learn more!)

I am ready to begin what I know will be an amazing journey and if you are interested I do hope you will join us.

Together we will build a community of some sort.  We will work out the details together.  So, if you’re a blogger looking to get discovered outside of WordPress please contact me!  Anyone is welcome, but specifically I’m hoping to find people who:

  1. Have a mental health, parenting, or self-improvement blog who wants to get discovered off of WordPress (if your blog is in a different area and you want to join lets figure out how you fit!)
  2. Have published, or want to publish a book in one of these areas
  3. Have experience with, or an interest in, creating a YouTube channel or podcast in one of these areas
  4. Have experience with, or an interest in, creating and selling products of interest to this type of audience
  5. Have a product, service or skill that would be useful to people pursuing any of the above including:
    1. Graphic designer
    2. Book review site
    3. Copywriter
    4. Illustrator
    5. Marketing expert

My dream is twofold:

  1. Create a website that links to everyone who joins this team (whatever we decide to call this).  This site would be more than just outgoing links, but a resource in itself that every member has access to (similar to Word of the Day).  We would all be able to create content here that would point to what we are each doing, but also hopefully to each other.
  2. Create a network of people with a variety of skills and knowledge who can collaborate, share ideas, share resources and basically motivate and encourage each other.  There is so much advice available online but it would be far more efficient to have a group of people we trust to really tell us what worked for them and what didn’t, rather than depend on a bunch of people trying to sell us their affiliate products.  I am learning so much about building an online presence and while this blog isn’t the place to share what I know, I know there have to be many of you out there who would be interested in what I am learning, and I’m sure you have lots of your own knowledge to share.

If you’re at all interested I hope you will join me!  Leave a comment, or email me directly at gratefulsinglemoms@yahoo.com.

Let’s build something!

If you’re not interested but know someone who might be, or have followers who might be interested please share or reblog this post!

15 thoughts on “Let’s Do This Together!”

    1. 😉 I think everyone has something to offer if they really want to. It depends on your goals and what you want. You could always offer to edit or give input on other people’s ideas. I just would want to be sure you were also benefiting from the collaboration. If you’re interested email me and we will figure something out! gratefulsinglemoms@yahoo.com


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