Start Today

Yes! Start today…and if it doesn’t work start again tomorrow. Each day is a new opportunity! Keep getting back up. Never give in. The people who succeed are the ones who never stop trying!


The famous phrase “Start Today” is something I personally hold dear to my heart because I have held my own self back numerous of times throughout my life to the point I felt stuck, desperate, and useless. How many times have you stayed in place because you felt scared to move as little as a inch? It’s a proven fact that throughout life everyone will go through their share of disappointments and struggles (some more than others). One tiny piece of information many forget is the part that everyone handle disappointments differently for example one person can get knocked down 9 times and get back up 10 while the next person may get knocked down 9 times and decide there is absolutely no point of getting back up. After countless of failed tries I decided to stay down and watch everything around me go on.

At first I…

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