Do I Dare Follow Through with My Promise?

Clay pulled the car into the parking area, choosing a spot away from other vehicles. I sat, fidgeting nervously. This had been my idea but suddenly I wasn’t sure I could follow through with it. I had been so caught up in drawing Clay out of his mood that I didn’t think about how I would feel if it worked.

Distracted by my thoughts I hadn’t noticed him get out of the car. I was startled when my door opened and he reached in to help me stand. I tried to smile at him, but it might have been more of a grimace. Apparently not sensing my discomfort, he pulled me against him and kissed me hungrily.

With a groan he let his hands roam over me, pressing me into him forcefully. I could feel his excitement, his need building. Knowing I could affect him this way made me feel powerful. It was unexpectedly exhilarating and I wanted to enjoy the moment, lose myself in the sensations consuming me. The people around us faded from my consciousness as anticipation took hold.

I whimpered softly when he pulled away, not ready to break the connection, desperately wanting more. Breathless I let him guide me to the railing where a majestic valley spread before us. The view was stunning.

As I stood against the railing he placed my hands on the worn metal, covering them with his own, his arms surrounding me. Stepping forward he used his body to push me against the fence, his feet on each side of mine. I waited expectantly, so intent on the feel of him I was barely aware of the beautiful sight before me.

“The thoughts going through my mind right now would make you blush.” The words whispered in my ear sent a thrill through me. Slowly he shifted, just enough so the full meaning of his words were unmistakable.

Lust gripped me, more intensely than I’d ever experienced. What was it about sharing this private moment in public that was so stimulating?

Reminded that there were others around us, I was about to turn my head, wondering if anyone were watching, when his hot lips on the back of my neck stopped me. Leaning into his kiss my attention once again shifted to him.

“I want you,” he growled, his voice a low rumble that electrified me. “I don’t like sharing you.”

I had never before been desired so fiercely. It was a heady feeling, bringing him to the edge of self control. My chest heaved as I too struggled to contain my flaming passion.

“Come with me,” his words both commanding and enticing. In that moment I would have followed him anywhere.

Leading me by the hand we scurried like teenagers into the woods behind the small building containing restrooms. I was ready to give myself to him completely.

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Enticing and is part of something longer I am working on.

This post is a part of the story about the ex and comes after What Did I Need To Do To Fix His Sullen Mood?.

8 thoughts on “Do I Dare Follow Through with My Promise?”

    1. 😁 thanks! I feel like I’m walking a thin line. I want the reader to feel excited…but not uncomfortable. Hopefully I managed. 😁 There are also hints at personality traits she fails to notice….as anyone might when caught up in the moment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You walk the line and never cross onto the uncomfortable side. I got the impression he was a bit controlling… 🙂 I must admit that I struggle writing anything sexual in my stories, I tend to gloss over it, because it is difficult to get the tone right. You have done it well.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks. I appreciate the feedback because it’s such a delicate thing. He’s definitely controlling…he’s aggressive with deviant tastes she doesn’t find out about until later. Interestingly she is learning to manipulate him, although he never ultimately loses control…so I’m trying to hint at these things subtly… Because they are signs she misses until it’s almost too late…

        Liked by 1 person

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