Why Does He Excite Me Like He Does?

Clay had been testy and sullen on the drive to the river; actually, he’d been that way off and on for days. He didn’t seem at all interested in meeting my friends, or enjoying the time away together. I wasn’t even sure why he was coming. I was perfectly happy to go on my own, but he insisted he was looking forward to it, blaming his mood instead on a work problem he was having. He assured me we would both feel better once we were on our way.

I had wanted to leave first thing in the morning as the trip was going to take at least 5 hours, but he had been particularly affectionate that morning and it was almost noon before we got out of bed. Afterward he drew me a bath while he made us an elaborate lunch. Eating by the pool it was easy to let hours slip by as we chatted and sipped on fresh lemonade. It was mid afternoon before I realized it and we hadn’t even packed, which he did irritably when I suggested we get moving.

We got to the rental late, after everyone else had already settled in. The whole gang was hanging out in the large living room playing a spirited game of Cards Against Humanity. Several empty wine bottles were lined up on the sofa table, and the remains of an festive dinner were visible in the kitchen. As I introduced him, I was suddenly worried whether he would fit in with this gregarious crowd.

Pushing that thought aside I suggested we put our bags away. The house itself was nice, a find on some website, much cheaper than hotel rooms for the eight of us. There were only 3 bedrooms but there was also a loft with a full sized bed, so plenty of room for everyone.

Because we were the last to arrive, we ended up with the loft. Lilly and her boyfriend Mike had taken the master with the king bed, which was reasonable since they had been the ones who made all the arrangements. The room with the queen bed had been claimed by Ryan and Emily, and the final one, with two twin beds, went to Liz and Abby.

As I led the way up the stairs, I felt him playfully running his hand up the inside of my thigh. I giggled as I swatted his hand away. Reaching the loft which overlooked the living room, I set my backpack on the floor. Peering over the half wall, I stopped to see what had caused a sudden eruption of laughter. I was about to turn and suggest joining my friends when I felt his body press against my back.

He leaned into me fervidly, the wood ledge hard against my stomach. His lips near my hairline brought shivers down my spine as he whispered, “I want you.” His hands explored my body below the concealing wall, out of sight of the people below. It was surprisingly arousing, a forbidden diversion, a secret game all our own. My breathing became rough as the excitement built.

Shrieking cackles reminded me that this weekend was meant to be spent reconnecting with this group that has been so important to me. I was about to say as much when suddenly he grabbed me by the waist and swung me around, positioning us so that his back was to the partial wall. Kissing me ardently he urged me backward until my knees hit the foot of the bed.

Angling himself forward, I lost my balance and fell onto the soft, welcoming spread. He eyed me hungrily, like a lion stalking his prey. Surely my friends wouldn’t miss me for just a little while.

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Gregarious and is part of something longer I am working on.

This post is a part of the story about the ex (who has finally been named) and comes after What Happens When I Try to Go on Vacation without Him?

13 thoughts on “Why Does He Excite Me Like He Does?”

    1. I added a note at the bottom…clay is the ex (I finally gave him a name). Friday I wrote a long section I didn’t post to the blog…a plot twist that explains why Caleb is so willing to help. In it I had to name the ex…

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      1. You are very insightful Walt. There is definitely a lot of truth in this story…. although these parts about the ex are truly just parts of my past. This particular one was about how someone can subtly control someone else. He insists on going but is grumpy about it…then distracts her so that they’re late…then keeps her from her friends when they get there. There will be more of this vacation that will cause the reader concern….but they will be signs she misses entirely….as I have missed signs of being manipulated in the past…

        I’m glad I have you watching out for me! ❤️ I hope I have learned enough so that I don’t repeat these patterns…

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