Should I Leave the Relative Safety of This Luxurious Bed?

I awoke slowly, wrapped in the soft folds of luxurious cotton, harsh sunlight fighting against my closed eyelids. When I realized the sheets tucked around me couldn’t possibly be mine, my eyes sprung open, causing a stabbing pain in my head. Looking around the room, it took me several minutes to understand where I was.

Stretching, the sheet slipped lower, bringing awareness to my nudity as it fell below my bare breasts. Quickly I snatched it up, covering myself. Confusion threatened to overwhelm me. I wasn’t one to participate in a random dalliance with a stranger, and yet what other explanation could there be? Humiliation reddened my face as I tried to recall the events that would have led to my current state.

The last thing I could remember was being in the bath, relaxing with a mimosa. Maybe the scent of the bubble bath and the warm water lulled me to sleep. I knew I hadn’t gotten a lot of rest the night before but could I really be that tired? And why did my head hurt so badly? I can’t possibly be this hung over from just 4 beers, could I? Did I drink more than that without realizing it?

As I lay there thinking, pieces of the previous evening flashed through my mind. It had been more fun than I’d had in a really long time. I’d been able to let go in a way I can’t normally. Inwardly I relived the romantic walk down the beach, once again feeling the desire rise inside of me imagining the passion of his kiss. How could he bring about such longing when he wasn’t even there?

But, where was he?

Turning my head to examine the other side of the king-sized bed I saw that the red quilt and pillows had not been disturbed. Was it possible he had just left me to nap? If so, why hadn’t I gotten dressed after the bath?

Gingerly sitting up, I glanced around the room looking for my clothes, which seemed to have disappeared. What was I going to do? I couldn’t very well walk around without any clothes on, especially when he could walk in at any moment. I leaned back on the generous pillows, the covering drawn almost to my chin, considering my options.

They were pretty limited. I couldn’t very well drag the king-sized sheet around with me. I didn’t see a bureau or anything in which clothes might be kept. The only doors led to the hallway, the balcony and the bathroom. There was no indication of a closet even.

Closing my eyes I tried to picture the bathroom. My attention during my bath had been drawn to the ocean outside the vast windows. I couldn’t remember if there was a closet, but surely there must be a towel I could wrap around myself.

Fastening my eyes on the open door leading to the hall, I swung my legs over the side of the bed, keeping as much of myself hidden from view as possible. The enormous bedframe was so high my feet dangled without touching the carpet. Strengthening my resolve I leapt onto the floor, releasing my only hope of modesty should he happen to reappear.

I focused my attention on the opening leading to the bathroom. The spacious room suddenly felt cavernous as I hurled myself forward, feeling exposed and vulnerable. I wasn’t afraid, but if I’d somehow managed to maintain my integrity, I hoped to keep it in tact.

Finally reaching the French doors I shut them behind me, only then noticing they were primarily glass panes, offering no privacy. Quickly studying the lush space I didn’t see any towels. The shelves and bars where I might expect to find them were bare. Briefly I wondered what had happened to the towel I surely would have used when I finished the bath, but there really wasn’t time to consider this in depth.

Turning to the right side of the room I saw a closed paneled door. Feeling relief I rushed over and threw it open. Inside was a huge walk-in closet with double rows of shelves on both sides with countless shirts and pants hanging from the bars beneath them. Stunned by the extravagance I stood rooted where I was. Each shirt was hung neatly, all facing the same direction, organized by color. Who needed 15 white dress shirts? The pants seemed equally absurd in their abundance.

Unsure what to think, I grabbed a shirt in pale blue and gratefully slid my arms into the sleeves. As I struggled with the first button I heard a noise behind me and spun out of reflex to see where it came from.

That’s when I found him leaning against the door frame, his arms crossed over his smooth chest. He had a wolfish grin on his face but his eyes sparkled with laughter as he watched me. Looking down I could see that the still-open shirt did little to shield me from his appreciative gaze.

“Good morning, sunshine.” he said, as I wondered what to do next.

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Dalliance and is part of something longer I am working on.

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