With Eager Anticipation I Watch My Story Unfold

For those of you who have been following my blog for a long time you will have noticed a dramatic change in topic (again). While some of you are enjoying the new bits of fiction I’m putting out there it’s not what people expect from me and a few are disappointed that I’m not continuing with the motivational self-help topics I was known for writing. They enjoyed the personal stories that inspired hope and showed growth from a difficult situation.

And I understand. I really do. I enjoyed writing that myself and some day I might get back to it. But what started that line of posts is also what started the new series of fictional stories that I’ve been writing.

I’ve talked about it a little before, but the word of the day has allowed me freedom in my writing that I might otherwise deny myself. It allows me to clear my mind of anything except the word and write whatever comes from that. It keeps me from writing what is expected of me, or what I think I should write about, and allows me to just practice writing.

And although what I’m writing is not what I would have planned, I do like the story that’s unfolding and I’m proud of the way it’s developing.

There have been some questions about whether the story is fact or fiction. Clearly some of it is complete fiction but parts are also loosely based on real life. Since no one reading this blog is intimately familiar with my life or my history you won’t be able to parse out what is true but I will share a little here with you now.

The post that inspired the story that is unfolding (completely out of order, in case you have been confused) was written while I was sitting on the porch in Georgia. I loved that porch and the somewhat questionable stairs leading down to the water. I wanted to write about that setting and so I wrote Am I More Than Just an Obsession to You? This was a work of fiction but it was also my way of exploring how I’ve allowed my past relationships to, perhaps falsely, predict future ones. I’ve mentioned before that for the first time since my divorce I’ve made the conscious decision to focus on my goals and temporarily end spending time working on romantic relationships (my friendships remain very important to me). Part of this time I’m taking I’m thinking through who I want to be outside of a relationship, but I’m also considering why past relationships have failed. This post was part of that.

In that post I mentioned an obsessive controlling ex. I wrote these words with my marriage very much on my mind. I don’t talk a lot about my ex publicly. Although no one who follows me here has connections to my life in Florida I am aware that some day my kids may read what I have written here and although I don’t censor myself I don’t want to write things that might hurt them either.

That being said, I will tell you that my ex was verbally abusive. He controlled and manipulated me through fear, especially the last year of our marriage. I remained in the marriage for many reasons, not entirely limited to my low (almost non existent) self esteem but it was my choice to stay. It was also my choice to leave.

The pieces of the story I’m now writing about the controlling ex attempt to work through some of that. What happens in the story is not what happened in real life, but the emotions are essentially the same. Although I haven’t yet given the main character any indication of issues with self esteem (and I’m not sure that I will), often people end up in relationships in spite of the warning signs. They believe a false story they are told instead of paying attention to the person’s actions. They allow themselves to be manipulated because they like the story and they want to believe it’s true.

This is the first part of my story that’s unfolding.

When they finally realize what is happening they’re often too scared to leave, or they doubt their own worth too much to leave, and they justify this by thinking of only the good, ignoring the bad that is so much less than they deserve or worse, harmful. If they are able to break free it is with a tremendous amount of fear, regret, doubt, guilt and endless other emotions.

In the posts I’ve shared this as the main character being physically afraid of her ex, but the fear caused from verbal abuse is just as real. I haven’t fully worked out this section but I anticipate some mind games coming, that will add to her fear.

This to me relates to the months I spent going through my divorce…from the time I told him I wanted to end the marriage until the time we signed the papers. Before he moved out, I kept a bag of clothes under my desk, thinking that at some point I might not be able to go home. The clothes were there and I had a friend I could stay with if facing him at the end of the day just became too much. Each night I would wait until 9 or 10 to return to the house, most of the time simply driving around because I had nowhere to go, no place I could be. And often when I would get home he would be waiting for me. He would want to “talk” but really the more he tried to “fix” things by controlling every single move I made the more I knew I had to leave.

And so this became the second part of the story.

The remaining posts express confusion. There’s a yet-to-be-named hero in the story but there’s doubt and fear about trusting again. This person can be perfect in every way and yet at one point she thought her ex was perfect too…so not only does she fail to trust him, she lacks faith in her own ability to judge his character. What about him is she failing to see? What hidden agenda might he have? How can anyone ever really know for sure?

This is where I find myself now in my life. I want a relationship at some point yet I’ve struggled and I want to understand why. I’m tired of investing time with the wrong people and so it’s important for me to understand why I keep doing it. My life is complicated and busy and sometimes I wonder how anyone would fit into it, and yet I’d love to find the person who does fit. I want that for me because I deserve it. But I also want it for my girls. They have a father and I in no way want to replace him. But I want them to have an example of a good, healthy relationship. I want them to know they shouldn’t settle for anything less. It was in part my lack of role models growing up that led me to accept a relationship that was far less than what I deserved.

And it’s these thoughts that I share as the final part, where the hero protects her and she doesn’t know whether to trust her feelings for him or not.

So, if you have been missing my more personal posts, I hope you now see that they are still there, although changed slightly. I will tell you that I also plan to post a piece of the story using the word of the day as well so you can wait with eager anticipation while I put that one together. Given the time it’s likely I will be leaving to take my niece to breakfast before it’s finished so you will have plenty of time to wonder what could be coming….

I have an idea for the story that I think will work well. I credit Walt for encouraging me not to take the obvious route with this word.

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Anticipation

40 thoughts on “With Eager Anticipation I Watch My Story Unfold”

    1. ❤️ thank you. Honestly only one person has truly complained about the change and she has stopped following my blog. Everyone else remains supportive but I wanted to draw the connections for people who were wondering where this was all coming from.


  1. I love how you are taking a move in another direction and expanding your writing wings. You have so much talent and it should be shared with everyone. I look forward (as always) to reading more as it unfolds. And than in order too. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You are in fact a talent with words. You take fiction and turn the words into truth in a fictitious way. I can’t tell your truth from fiction and I do not know you except here. I would say write both ways, tell the story as it needs to be told. I would not dwell on the past more than I had to and use the talent that you have productively. You are well versed Dee, thank you for the read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I don’t dwell on the past but sometimes the past needs to be expressed. It will always be a part of me but it doesn’t hurt the way it did. I like being flexible with the way I share my thoughts 😁

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  3. Sorry you need to explain yourself … your talent is clearly evident and you are giving people tools to use in every post …. watching this new story writing unfold is magic 🙂

    Great book that warrants follow up for those trying to learn from past relationships is Barbara de Angelis “Are You the One For Me?” … it’s a golden oldie, if you do the exercises at the end of each chapter you will be a lot wiser about how and why you make your relationship choices! If you just read it then I doubt you will learn much at all. It certainly gave me the freedom to choose and has helped many others 😉

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  4. and another emotion is regret that one’s marriage failed, fear of security for the girls, plus it’s very confronting to own that we made a mistake … all these issues need to be dealt with at an emotional level in order to grow and take risks again 🙂

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  5. My emotions resonate a lot with what you’ve written. I know personally how difficult it is to trust again after an abusive experience. I’m happy to see you’ve poured your energies into writing – it has always been my preferred therapeutic aid. 🙂 Good luck with everything!

    I will definitely let you know what I think about the book. Looking forward to reading it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are so many people who have been through something similar to what I’ve experienced…if joy worse. This has been a good exercise in dissecting what the clues are…the subtle things that are so easy to miss or explain away. That helps when trying to trust again…. because I want to be able to trust….keep trying until I find the right one.

      I’m new to writing but it has changed my life in very amazing ways. 😁

      I appreciate your feedback! 😊

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  6. I genuinely admire your honesty with this post. Sometimes writing can be outlet or it can be therapy. I hope it will continue to be both for you. I’m glad you left a toxic situation and I wish you all the best as you work understanding your relationship with relationships. I’m loving the story so far and I’m glad you posted the link for me so I could read this and get some of the back story behind it. I look forward to reading more from you and more from this story.
    P.S. I hope you do go forward and write this into a novel. I think it’ll be great. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! I sincerely appreciate your support. 😊 This has been quite the experience for me. At some point this will be published in some form. There will be some serious editing needed but overall I’m happy with the way it’s coming out.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome. I understand. I started blogging after I failed to get into law school. I needed a positive outlet and I wanted to see if I could actually write. It was a good for me. Awesome! The story is great so far so I’m interested to see where you’ll take it next. 🙂

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