I Never Want to Lose the Magic of This Moment

I’ll meet you in the woods. No one needs to know; it will be our secret. Follow the path to the cabin that is hidden deep behind the trees. You will see the smoke from the chimney billowing softly into the clouds as I wait for you, impatient to say the least. Take your time, but no longer than you need!

In our secluded hideaway we can do anything, we can be anyone. We will be far away from judging eyes and wagging tongues. Here the opinion of others will no longer matter. You can be you and I will be me and together we will be amazing. We will feel safe, maybe for the first time ever.

I will make a nest of pillows in front of the fire where we can talk about our dreams and our fears until the sound of your voice lulls me to sleep in the wee hours of the morning. I want to know everything you’ve ever done. I want to hear your undisclosed desires, the ones you’ve been afraid to tell anyone. What were you like as a child? Where have you been? Who do you want to be? Tell me all there is to know.

In the morning we can walk to the lake to watch the sunrise. It’s not far; just a little off the beaten track. I might need you to help me negotiate the stream that feeds it, but I will reward you with a kiss like you’ve never known. The sun reflecting off the water as it rises above the trees will be well worth the effort. We can sit on the shore and watch the ducks for a while as we share stories of our past we had almost forgotten.

Later we can hike to the rocky mountain, the one just beyond the meadow filled with yellow, white and blue flowers. Let’s climb to the summit and enjoy the majestic view of this unspoiled land. Standing breathlessly with the whole world before us we can plan for the future, the possibilities as limitless as scene in front of us.

We can’t stay here forever, maybe only a day or two. What will happen when we leave? It’s too soon to tell, so for now I will savor this one moment and hope the spell cast by this magical setting follows us back to reality.

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Negotiate

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