What Happens When We Explore the World Together?

Come play with me.

Let’s gallivant along the shore, running in and out of the surf. We can build a sand castle then watch the waves wash it away. Chase me over the sand and capture me in your arms. I want to laugh in carefree abandon then lay on a towel as the sun sets over the sea.

Let’s cruise the Mediterranean, visiting places I’ve only dreamed about. We can explore the towns where we stop then stand together on the deck as the ship pulls away. Hold me close and dance the night away. I want to sway together then stay up all night sharing secrets.

Let’s meander through the forest hand in hand, exploring trails long forgotten. We can climb steep hills and stand in awe at the view before us. Follow me to a pond fed by a waterfall then dive into the depths. I want to shriek in surprise as you pull me into the water then drag you under with me.

Let’s dance in the rain, jumping in puddles like children. We can splash through the deepest ones then twirl around until we are dizzy. Catch me before I fall and giggle at our antics. I want to forget all my worries then go home together to dry off.

Let’s ride bicycles through a foreign land, peddling over hills with breathtaking views. We can discover little villages and rest under a tree on the edge of a meadow. Lead me along a dirt path then have a picnic far away from everyone. I want to unwind in peace then continue our wandering journey.

Let’s build a snowman named Frosty, rolling snowballs as big as boulders. We can give him a face then wrap my scarf around his neck. Throw snowballs at me and run for cover as I throw them back. I want to win the battle then fall tumbling into a snowbank.

Let’s camp under a cloudless sky, gaze at the stars above us. We can pitch a tent in the woods then enjoy the quiet of nature. Sit by the fire and cook dinner over an open flame. I want to meditate in silence then tell ghost stories until morning.

Let’s stray from the beaten path and enjoy this moment, together.

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Gallivant

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