Defiant Kids Versus Exhausted Mom – Who Won?

If you read my post on Friday, Watch Out For the Wrath of an Exhausted Mom!, you may be wondering what happened Friday night when we talked.

When I left the house Friday morning I couldn’t even make myself breakfast because every surface in the kitchen was covered. The front living room was also completely torn apart. The kids had been painting the walls but had not been cleaning up after themselves. This was their project and they knew they were responsible for cleaning up, so I left it as I found it. I was too tired to try anyway. I grabbed my coffee and a banana and headed to work.

That evening when I came home I walked into a house that was virtually unrecognizable compared to the one I had seen in the morning. They had clearly been cleaning all day; there was no other way they could have achieved what they did. Not only did they clean up the mess from painting, they cleaned the bathroom in my bedroom plus both of their bedrooms and the back living room where they’d been sleeping – literally every room.

The relief I felt was tremendous and helped me have a calm discussion with the 3 kids who were still at my house (2 had been picked up before I got home).

They explained why they were making noise. My oldest daughter came into my room assuming I was asleep and didn’t think she’d disturb me. I listened. I didn’t necessarily agree, but I patiently heard what they had to say. Once they were finished I stated my point, that I had to work and that this situation is not like the ones when we have friends sleeping over on the weekend.

I admitted I should have set better expectations and that I should have set better limits given that it was during the week.

We decided that if….okay, when (because having a houseful of kids is kind of my thing)… we have another weekday sleepover that by 10 pm they would go into their bedrooms on the far side of the house so they would be less likely to disturb me. I accepted the day’s worth of cleaning as their penance for the wrongdoing the previous night.

And I will be bringing 5 kids with me to Georgia this week. Wish me luck!

14 thoughts on “Defiant Kids Versus Exhausted Mom – Who Won?”

  1. Awesome. See and you worry that you won’t rub off on the girls. Already you can see how they respect and understand that they were wrong in what they did. Although the whole cleaning the house thing was brilliant! How can mom be mad if the house is totally clean????? πŸ™‚

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