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Tales from the mind of Kristian

Due to the sad demise of the Daily post word prompt, I suggested that I do a Word Prompt a couple of times a week. 

Dee Kelly at Thriving not Surviving then also said she will start posting Word Prompts from the 1st of June. 

Then she put a team together, Including myself, Cyranny’s Cove and kate at


“You loved the Daily Post?  So did we! And seeing how people were going to miss the daily inspiration, Dee proposed to take over and offer an alternative to Daily Post’s fans. I offered my help, and so did Kristian and Kate.” (Cyranny’s Cove) 

You’re going to miss the Daily Post?

See link below:


We may not have quite the same scope and outreach as the Daily Post did but we can only do our best. If you SHARE our posts around to reach a wider audience, it may just…

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