What Will I See in My Kaleidoscope Today?

My life is a kaleidoscope of pieces that all come together to form something beautiful. Some scraps may be broken or bent, damaged or flawed; but these add character to the design. Perfection is boring, and my life is anything but dull.

With the dawning of each new day, the pattern changes to a new delightful design.

My life is normally full, surrounded by kids and friends, with endless opportunities to enjoy all this area has to offer; but the kids have summer vacation now and this is when things get really crazy.

Yesterday I returned the kittens to the shelter, in hopes of them finding their forever home. Today I have 5 kids hanging out with me, who will be here at least through the end of the week, possibly for the weekend. As long as they’re all getting along they’re welcome to stay. They’ve decided to paint a couple of rooms in our house as one of their summer projects. They’re actually painting right now. This is completely their project, not mine so it should be interesting.

Tonight I booked a cabin for us in Georgia for a few days. We’ll be taking an extra friend or two on that trip as well. In all honesty I love having a large group of kids around, and I truly enjoy their friends. Weather permitting, we’re going to go hiking through Tallulah Gorge State Park, check out Anna Ruby Falls and explore the quaint town of Helen. We’ll roast marshmallows in the fire pit, play games in the loft and relax on the deck overlooking the mountains.

Then my 17 year old niece will be joining us for six (mostly) fun-filled weeks. This will be her third and final summer staying with us. I’ve already arranged for her to volunteer with a teacher in a summer school program and we’ll be planning some adventures as well. When my kids are with their dad we’ll have late nights binge watching the new season of 13 Reasons Why (it’s our thing) and chatting about everything that we’ve missed over the past year.

Then swoosh the kaleidoscope turns and we’ll be jetting off to NH to visit family and friends. This year we plan to spend more time in the mountains, taking the kids to places they don’t remember and doing things they’ve never done. My sister and niece may be moving to Florida next summer so these annual vacations may change in the future and we need to make the most of this one.

But wait! We’re not done! After a frantic week in NH we will be rushing off to Washington, DC for a few nights. We’ll ooh and ahh at the White House, wander through the museums and pose for pictures with the monuments. The girls will (finally) get to travel by train and ride the subway, both experiences they’re excited about.

Until at last we return home to some normalcy and the end of summer vacation.

For the next 10 weeks I will have plans nearly every day, someone counting on me to spend time with them or at the very least drive them to the store. Through all this I hope to continue posting every day. I want to move forward on some projects I’ve been thinking about for a while. I don’t know quite how I’m going to pull it off…but I am determined to find a way!

Photo by drmakete lab on Unsplash

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Broken

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