What Amazing Discoveries Are Just Around the Bend?

Come, hike through the forest with me. There’s something magical about it, like entering a secret world. Anything could be up ahead where the path bends and disappears. What will we encounter?

Maybe we’ll find a meadow full of wildflowers, butterflies flitting from bloom to bloom. Patches of pink, purple and blue contrast against the green grass. I want to run through it, arms spread wide in the sunshine.

Maybe there will be a dead end, a rocky cliff overlooking a vast valley with a peaceful stream running through it. Deer and other small creatures fearlessly drink their fill. I want to leap from the stone, soaring high with a bird’s eye view.

Maybe we’ll discover an abandoned cabin, moss growing up the ancient wooden walls. Wood lays stacked in rows next to the rickety door. I want to build a fire in the stone hearth, cuddling together in front of it.

Maybe there will be a cave, a thin fissure just wide enough to squeeze through. Markings on the walls show that someone was here before. I want to explore, unlocking the mystery.

Maybe we’ll stumble upon a wobbly footbridge, spanning the gap formed by a narrow gorge. The wood and rope sway in the breeze. I want you to hold my hand as we cross, easing my fears with your touch.

All too often I walk this path alone. Just for today, won’t you join me?

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Disappear

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