I Don’t Want to be Blinded by Inane Questions

My patience is wearing thin.

All day long I answer questions; I’m told the system is broken, but it’s the users at fault more often than not. “There’s a malfunction!” they say. I look and search for the root cause, then I think to ask, “Did you follow the procedure?”

I close the ticket; no problem found.

My phone rings, an urgent request. “I need to know why this is broken, and I need to know now. I’ve asked everyone else and you’re my last hope.” I drop everything to uncover the problem, only to find they are trying to do something that has already been done.

I close the ticket; no problem found.

Another email arrives, the user is getting an error and needs this resolved immediately. “What is the error?” I ask; for some reason they don’t think I need to know. “It says the project is closed,” they reply and so I have to ask, “Did you look at the project?”

I close the ticket; no problem found.

A ticket is opened, “Why is this invoice on hold?” With research I discover it’s to be expected. Three years ago when they were designing this solution I told them this would happen. There’s nothing I can do; it was their decision.

I close the ticket; no problem found.

I’m supposed to be held to a standard; 99% of tickets should be closed within 3 days, per decree of the mayor. “It doesn’t work!” they tell me. “I need it fixed and I need it now!” they say. I give them the answer and there’s no response. I hear nothing from them; they’re too busy to reply. Days tick by and all I can do is be grateful that no one but me cares about these statistics.

Numbers don’t lie!

I hold on to hope that I will be able to contribute something of value on the next big project; that someday I will be able to do more than answer these inane questions. But who has time for projects when every moment is taken up with tireless demands from people who should already know the answers?

Is this really my life? Is this all there is?

I try to remind myself why I stay, for it’s this job that makes other things in my life easier. It would be difficult, though not impossible, to find another job that pays as well yet allows me the flexibility I have. Need to come in late to take the kittens to a vet appointment? No problem. Missed an important meeting because my daughter was sick? No questions asked. Out again with back pain? Work from home until it’s better.

I shouldn’t complain.

But I’m nearing the end of my patience here. I need to do something more meaningful. I had never intended to work in IT; it’s not a fit for me. There is more I want to do, much more. The vision is coming into focus. It has been obscured the past few weeks by competing priorities, but for my sanity I need to get back to creating my future.

For I am the creator of my destiny!

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21 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to be Blinded by Inane Questions”

  1. /startsarcasm

    The great joy of being part of IT support. Such a wonderful way to be able to help people who have so much difficulty figuring the simple things out of how to correct issues.


    I have been here myself before doing IT support-related requests the third time I was in college. I learned that by teaching people how to fix minor problems themselves instead of contacting me that things would run smoother for everyone. This gave me more time to focus on my studies as well.

    However, like you I also had to get away from it. You will find something to replace this that you will like even more. Just hang in there. That is all. God bless you.

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    1. 😊 thanks for your comment. I try to teach them but most can’t or won’t learn. I write documents with screen shots…That I have to resend every time the issue comes up. I’m told my expectations are too high…But I’m a business analyst not the help desk. Our help desk however can’t seem to remember that I can’t solve password problems.

      And so as you suggest, I need to find something to replace it. But as a single mother it’s hard to walk away from security.

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      1. … mind you, I’ve long maintained that the deal that’s been struck by computer makers with computer users in regards to security is very one-sided. It assumes that the user always has the nouse to deal with their end of the bargain, and that’s simply not always the case. (One has to remember that, by definition, half of the people are of less than average intelligence. I call it the ‘paradox of expertise’: computer makers are incapable of empathising with a rather large contingent of users.)

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  2. Well when my cable is out internet only, I call them they say unplug every thing and wait 3 minutes and replug all. I say a few things to myself and they say what I say nothing then if it starts working no problem if not then I know I just did all this before I called them. I agree a real pain. I guess it was just me.

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