Not to be Abrupt, but I’m Frantic Today!

I don’t mean to be abrupt but I’m busy today, no time to spare. Work has me frazzled in back to back meetings; a coworker texted early this morning, desperate though I’m not sure why. The kittens I’m fostering are demanding; my cat is hissing at the door, unhappy with our new visitors. The kids need my help; the grass must be mowed; the laundry isn’t done. The ex wants to know about summer plans, and others are waiting as well; my friends want to see me, but no time for fun. My mother is calling but I will ignore the ring; there’s nothing to say and I’m heading out the door; an email later will suffice. The tenant is contacting me; the AC isn’t blowing cold. I’m 2 days behind on reading posts; I’m not working on my goals. Exercise, what’s that? Stop and smell the roses? No time to waste!

The demands on my life can be overwhelming, yet I keep adding to my responsibilities. How do I juggle it all? How do I keep important things from falling through the cracks?

Sometimes I’m not sure myself. I need to constantly review my priorities and make sure I’m focusing on what is most important to me. Sometimes things like laundry and the dishes aren’t done as quickly as I’d like but I won’t do these at the expense of helping my kids with their homework. Sometimes I don’t have time to go to the rental house but I have someone I trust who will go, for a fee. Sometimes I don’t have time to play with the kittens but I know people who don’t feel that playing with them is a chore.

I do what absolutely needs to be done and if I can’t get to it I am more than willing to pay someone to do it for me. I enlist the help of others to do things that they will find fun. Whenever reasonable I combine things like spending time with friends with something else that needs to be done, like exercising. I try to keep my additional commitments limited in time; I choose to foster kittens that only need a couple weeks, instead of those needing a couple months.

All of this has worked for me to this point, but now there’s so much more I want to do, so many ideas I want to implement and I want to do it all NOW. I don’t want to wait. I have unlocked my love of creating and everything else feels like it’s getting in my way. I’m in new territory here and I don’t really have an answer yet. This would have been easier 6 months ago when my work demands were minimal but now office hours require my undivided attention.

Summer is coming and soon we will be leaving for vacation, then my niece will be here for 6 weeks. Will all my projects really need to wait until August? No, there has to be another way…I just need to find it.

In all honesty, as busy and crazy as my life is I actually do make a lot of time for fun. I have a day here and there that leave me a bit frazzled but I really do try to appreciate all the little things in my life. I will drive to the beach and catch sunset when I can, or grab a slice of pizza at my favorite place on the water. I frequently meet up with my friends, take my bike out for a spin or spend time just floating in my kayak. I read every day and writing has become another important daily habit.

It’s true that sometimes the responsibilities seem overwhelming. At those times I’ll take an afternoon off, either to get things done or to simply get back to enjoying life. When I’m feeling stressed is when I know I most need to slow down and count my blessings. My sense of gratitude is usually enough to help me refocus, calm down and move forward. And if that fails? There’s a kitten around who is sure to bring a smile!

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This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Abrupt

35 thoughts on “Not to be Abrupt, but I’m Frantic Today!”

  1. You make time to write every day. It may not be the creative projects that you want to work on, but you are still writing. Eventually things will slow down or you will find a way to make it all work. That is what creative people do even if we really want to abandon society and park ourselves in a cave somewhere with an old fashioned typewriter (because I don’t think most caves come with electricity) and just spend all our time writing. 🙂

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  2. Dee, I sensed your frustration and no doubt it was helpful to let others share in your burden about balancing all the issues that seem to pop up at once. I think this is part of our mission as bloggers – to listen, read, interpret, share and find a way to help others along the way. That’s what I’ve already noticed in this community of friends. No doubt you’ll find the right priorities and accomplish the most important. The sometimes urgent and non-important can be handled later. You’ll still have them in your mind but let them subside the best you can. You deserve to take time for yourself. Take walks if necessary to help clear the mind, even if only a short time. I realize it’s difficult to do with children at home but maybe they can be a part of it too at times. I offered a prayer for you as well.

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    1. Thanks so much for your wise words! You’re right about many things here! This community has been amazing…An expected bonus to blogging I’d never expected and as you say many have already become friends. I will find balance to do what needs to be done and also enjoy life. More and more I’m bringing my kids into the activities I enjoy which is both easier and harder as they get older. I sincerely appreciate your support!


  3. Well, from my end it seems like you are handling this very well. Keep doing what you are doing because you are doing great! LOL!….If you haven’t tried meditating, try Headspace for 10-15mins in the morning before getting out of bed. Your mind will organize itself.

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    1. I’ve been meditating every night before bed. I find that very helpful in unwinding from the day. I’d like to start doing it in the morning too but need to get up earlier to do it!

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    1. Haha I was perhaps feeling frustrated when I wrote this but overall I am busy because I choose to be…But it is part of what makes my life so amazing! 😁


  4. Take a deep breath Dee. Count to ten. Let go of at least five things packed in your day. And relax. Heavens won’t fall. (I assure you I am holding them up from my end 🤣🤣).
    The kittens are adorable and they are the only reason I visit your blog!!! 😂😂
    Take care dear. 💕

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