16 thoughts on “A WOMAN SHOULD….”

  1. Agreed, men and women both, only too often both are told the exact opposite… very excellent post to share with your faithful readers, oh Published One! πŸ™‚

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      1. Different but equally unhealthy, IMO. So much of who we think we are supposed to be gets defined by others, I suppose it is through the process of divorce that one breaks one of those paradigms and out of the breaking a more authentic being can emerge… although a busy one, with cats, and dogs, and kids, and well… all that other divorcey kind of stuff, good and bad, I guess.

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      2. Divorce was certainly the catalyst for me. For a lot of reasons I was never really sure of who I was. I think I’m starting to figure that out…Even with cats, kids and NO dogs. πŸ˜‚ Most things are “good” if you look at them the right way….

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      3. Sometimes it takes things falling apart to figure out the human on the inside behind all the layers of costumes we wear to navigate through a world of expectations.

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      4. That’s a good thing… and funny, it sort of sounds selfish, but it is SO not selfish… that reassembled being does more good in one day than the other one that needed shattering.

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