I Am About to Throw the Most Embarrassing Tantrum…

Have you ever watched a toddler throwing a tantrum? If you’re the parent it can be embarrassing and frustrating, but if you watch objectively you will see that most of the time these fits begin with calculated forethought. These young children have a goal they’re trying to meet.

These toddlers will throw themselves on the ground screaming to get what they want. It doesn’t matter where they are or what they’ve been doing. If there’s something they want badly enough they will stop everything else and have a fit. If their initial attempt fails they escalate their behavior, kicking, screaming and crying until they turn blue in the face. All to get what they want.

What if we were as willing to do whatever it takes to reach our goals? What could we achieve if we were willing to go all in, throw ourselves into it 100%? What if we threw our own tantrum until we got exactly what we wanted?

Ok, so throwing ourselves on the ground probably won’t work, but we could certainly learn from these toddlers:

  1. They are not afraid of what other people will think about them.
  2. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get their way.
  3. They ignore everything else going on around them.
  4. They will keep going until they reach their goal.
  5. When they don’t succeed at first they keep trying, putting in more effort instead of less.

Thinking about it, I might have a tantrum today. I just need to figure out what I want badly enough…

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This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Tantrum

23 thoughts on “I Am About to Throw the Most Embarrassing Tantrum…”

  1. I am thinking of all the Navy temper tantrums I have witnessed and seen… and you know? You are right… they are informed by the adolescent child who really needs to be sent to his room… LOL.

    But in reality, your take on this really is spot on, determination, persistence, two of the best traits. Reminds me of Rocky… who took TWO movies to beat Apollo Creed!!

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  2. I often wish I could throw myself on the floor and throw the most amazing tantrum ever at work but as I work in a Mental Health hospital that would probably be a bad idea. I love the way you write. I need to come here more often.

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