Nombril de semaine…

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Hello Lovelies!

It is Wednesday already, and the time to share some links with you… Dee, from Thriving not Surviving gave me an idea, without even knowing it! Dee is releasing her first book, on April 28th (yes, this Saturday) and was asking people to share the news, since pre-order is already available on Amazon. I thought “Hey, I know a bunch of people who offer their e-published books online… Why not make this Nombril de Semaine about them??”

And that’s just what this post is about. Now, I know I most probably forgot some of you, fellow bloggers who have an e-book out… And of course, I don’t know everybody either. So if you’re not in the list, and you’d like me to add you, just leave me a little note in the comments, below! The same applies if you have a published blogger-friend you’d like to help by…

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