V- Villain #BlogchatterA2Z #AtoZChallenge #AtoZ

I have been all of these…How about you?



Nobody likes the bad guy, yet he is in almost every story, movie, and play we have seen.

Villains are not limited to stories, we all probably experience them in our personal lives whether it is a co-worker that makes our life miserable, an ex-lover that haunts us, a boss who digs our ass, or even a system that seems to unfairly rule over our lives. Sometimes the villain has a transformation of character and change of heart; other times we begin to understand what makes them tick, or even fall in love with them, in a strange sort of way.

Villains, Heroes, and Victim…

These characters were with us ever since we first understood words and heard our first stories from our parents. We identify with them; we aspire to be like them or struggle to avoid becoming them. We generally end up playing all these roles in…

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