I am Happy to Cram More into my Already Crazy Life

We all have unique gifts to bestow upon the world. Do you truly take time to appreciate the value you bring?

It’s easy to let responsibilities, the daily grind take control of our lives. We do what we need to do to get through each day, sinking onto the sofa at the end with a sigh of relief and the TV remote in our hands, ready to escape for just a little while before we head to bed and start it all over again the next day. Our weekends become filled with chores and errands we weren’t able to accomplish during the week.

We spend time with friends and family, we might even find time to do something fun once in a while…We’re happy, for the most part. Sure there are things we might change if we could but this is how life is. We hurry the kids out the door in the morning so we won’t be late for work; we rush through the day, trying to squeeze in 10 hours of work in an 8 hour day, fully believing we are accomplishing more by “multitasking;” we speed home to pick up the kids, make dinner, do homework and walk the dog.

Is this constant struggle to get by really your gift? Or are you too tired to worry about what else you could be doing? Most of us here are writers of some sort, poets, authors, even photographers and artists….so maybe you’re already presenting your gift to the world, or maybe there’s more you are meant to share.

But if you’re too exhausted by what you HAVE to do to consider anything more, I don’t blame you. My life has been draining.

I’ve had months, even years, when I had no idea how I was going to do all I needed to do. After my divorce I was overwhelmed by all the responsibility that suddenly landed squarely on my shoulders. I had 2 kids, a house, a car, a dog; I worked full time; and I had serious emotional issues I was dealing with. “Getting by” didn’t come close to describing my life. I felt like I was drowning.

But that was not the end of the road for me. I was determined to find a way to manage these burdens better (at the time it all felt like a burden). Once I got to a point where I could handle what was on my plate, I started adding more, little by little.

I’ve always been a good mother, but once I got things on track I was able to do more for and with my girls; I was able to invest time in reading and learning to become even better.

I’ve always been handy with household improvements, having helped renovate 3 houses with my ex, but suddenly I was able to find time to work on improving the house we were living in, painting the entire house both inside and out completely by myself.

I’ve always been an animal lover but being responsible for all the pets my daughter wants was daunting, but eventually I was able to start fostering for the local animal shelter which has filled the same kind of desire.

I’ve always been a saver, ensuring I have money in the bank for emergencies and saving for retirement, but now that I am firmly in control of my life I’ve been able to add investments, including a rental home.

On and on I’ve added responsibilities to my already busy life. But that’s not all! I also somehow have plenty of time for all the activities that truly add value to my life: reading, writing, bike riding, kayaking…

How is it possible? I’ve honestly gone from having nothing more to give, to actively seeking my next opportunity.

I believe it’s because I’ve found my value; I’ve found the pieces of me that make this world better and I focus on only things that align with my gifts. I no longer end the day trying to escape; it ends with me trying to squeeze in one more thing I want to accomplish.

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This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Bestow

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