I Will Take An Enormous Chance After My Deadline

Recently I’ve been feeling inspired. I have countless vague ideas rolling around in my head about next projects…and I haven’t even completely finished my current one. I’ve been furiously brainstorming and recording notes everywhere so I don’t forget. I have lists on my phone, in a notebook, on my calendar…anyplace that was convenient at the time.

Many of my thoughts involve tapping into my creativity more. It has been a long time since I’ve been able to connect with my truly inventive side. I know it’s there but I’ve beaten it into submission with all the grown up responsibilities I have. What I really want to do will require reaching that part deep inside me, the talent I know is lurking to come up with something genuinely innovate.

One such concept will involve making my Halloween party plans public. I’ve mentioned this briefly in a previous post, but if you missed it you should know that I absolutely love Halloween. I spend months planning our Halloween party. The past several years I’ve written murder mysteries from scratch that the kids at the party need to solve. One year I locked them all in my room and they had to solve clues to get out (like the escape rooms I posted about last week).

Given all the work I’ve put into these already it shouldn’t be a lot more effort to put them together in a way that will allow others to use them. The idea is still forming; how I can reach people who would be interested is still a mystery; the personal purpose of doing this remains vague. But it’s something I want to explore.

I’m also considering ways I might be able to teach kids writing again. I honestly loved working with children and helping them develop their skills. My niece still brings up the summer camp I had one year during which each of the kids wrote their own story. I sincerely enjoy making a difference in children’s lives and so this may develop more as the concept starts solidify.

Another thought that has been forming is to write fiction. The book I’m about to publish is non fiction but it’s written like most of my posts; it takes a bit of license on grammar; many of the sections have a bit of a rhythm, very unlike typical non fiction; I’ve included some poetry and art as well – although not mine and you’ll have to wait until the big announcement to find out who it belongs to.

I feel strongly that this book contains an important message, one that will help anyone who is trying to make changes in their lives, and perhaps some who don’t yet realize they want to change. I love the way I’ve put it together and the collaboration I’ve had with others on it. I want to put out more collaborative work, but I also think that there is a fictional tale in there, one that will entertain and perhaps more subtly share what I have to say.

It’s another vague notion, one that I will be working on in the coming months.

I know with certainty though that I want to create. I want to put things out into the world that are uniquely mine. I want to present concepts that solely belong to me. I am ready to take risks and see what happens. This is my path. This is my way forward….but I’m curious about you.

What is unique about you? What path are you following? Have you ever participated in a collaborative project? Are you interested in working on one? What ideas have you had that you might put into motion some day?

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Vague

20 thoughts on “I Will Take An Enormous Chance After My Deadline”

  1. I love when I get on the creativity train – when the ideas keep popping in and I am chugging along! I hit a bump in the road last week and I want to get back on track – because it does feel GOOD to create something fun or meaningful. Your parties sound great – so much fun! And good to hear the book is coming along and will be your message – congrats – good stuff!

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  2. OMG That’s it! Your make a million $ idea! Sell your mystery parties! Big market! And you love it. I’m excited for you!

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  3. Hi Dee – I was one of twenty authors who put out a ‘scary’ anthology last year in time for Halloween. ‘The Box Under The Bed’ edited by Dan Allatorre – my contribution a little different (as usual!) – a short story presented in poetic form – caused formatting havoc for the paperback version! Good luck with all your plans -especially collaborations – you need endless patience (maybe that’s just anyone whose worked with me!). Eric

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    1. Lol I hear you about needing patience for collaboration! If you like to follow a plan and stick to a schedule…And you collaborate with people who maybe don’t share the same goals it can be challenging! But I love how things can come together at the end.

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  4. Amazing. Life is all about excitements one could garner by instilling positivity in life. Best wishes with all your projects. Btw the Halloween party ideas looks so much fun, why only kids even adults will love playing them. 🌸🌼

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  5. Great post, Dee! I have a friend that is wild about Halloween too. Email me at: chucklindholm@hotmail.com and I can put you in touch with him! He is also a part owner in one of those Mystery rooms.

    Also, you might want to read “Poemcrazy – Freeing Your Life With Words”. Check it out on Amazon – reviews. It really helped me alot!! The author does workshops in schools and in prisons – something that you might be able to do with you teaching writing!

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