Who Are You in the Parallel Universe?

I believe a parallel universe exists; one in which we’ve made different choices, decisions that have led us down a different path. In this alternate world we are living our dreams. We are happy, healthy and at peace with our lives. Our work is meaningful to ourselves and others. We collaborate with those around us and always bring our best selves to each encounter. Here we are masters of our emotions, taming them so they add value and meaning without allowing them to steer our course.

Every day we face an almost infinite number of options, turns to take. Most we follow without even thinking, reasoning that fate, destiny or chance is in control. But what would happen if instead we paid closer attention to how we walked through life? If we truly saw each choice we made, would we make different decisions?

I see the parallel me, over there, just beyond my reach. I’m beginning to recognize where the path split, the one that led me to where I am instead of where I want to be. There is no going back. I can’t change the path I’m on; I can’t undo the choices I have made. Regretting them is futile and I refuse to succumb to the temptation to lament what could have been.

But now that I know, I can see the fork in the road ahead of me. I see where this universe splits and can connect with the parallel one. It’s so close I can almost reach out and touch it. I see the trail getting closer to this alternate me. One step at a time I will get there, until one day I will cross over and this will be my reality.

And then perhaps I will discover yet another parallel world to move toward.

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Parallel

20 thoughts on “Who Are You in the Parallel Universe?”

    1. I suppose that’s true! Given an infinite number of choices we could have ended up anywhere. I know my childhood presented opportunities for some pretty bad choices so I certainly could have ended up in a very unfortunate parallel universe! 😁

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      1. That has been amazing for me as well….But do you think when we started blogging perhaps we crossed over into one of the parallel worlds? I know for me it was certainly a turning point…😁

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