Myths and Magic, How Can They Show You the Way?

I want a genie, a magician who can grant my wishes…at least the top 3. I want to meet a wizard with a book of incantations who can make my dreams come true with just the right words. I want to find my fairy godmother with a magic wand who will listen to my deepest desires, then make them real with a snap of her wrist.

Surely one of them can help. I need to find the easy button, the quick route to the life I now believe I deserve. I’ve waited so long and I can’t wait anymore. Until my genie appears, I am willing to put in the effort, to take the risks, to push past my fears and do anything to reach my goal.

But I desperately want some bewitchment to give me courage. Until I can summon my magician, I will count on my friends, both new and old. I will soak up their love and support, bask in their encouragement and accept their assistance without shame. They make me stronger, not weaker.

However if I could get a spell that shows just the right path, highlights the correct direction to turn so I stop taking detours along the way, the distance would not be so far. Until my wizard reveals this, I will continue to learn from each mistake, the wrong turns teaching more than the right ones would have anyway.

Still if a sparkling wand should materialize it could grant me wisdom that would allow me to make my decisions wisely. Until my fairy godmother emerges from the mist, I will fully trust myself, have faith that the choices I am making are the right ones. And I will know that whatever happens as a result I am still moving forward.

I am finding out, starting to believe, that these magical beings exist, but not in human form. I have been searching high and low yet I’ve discovered that they may be in the one place I failed to look; it’s possible I can only find them within myself. If I can become completely silent and listen, truly hear, the answers can be found within me.

Shhhh….are you listening? I think I just heard something…

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Genie

26 thoughts on “Myths and Magic, How Can They Show You the Way?”

  1. Love this! I keep saying that they forgot to give me wings and a wand when I graduated Fairy School because I wish so badly that I could wave a magic wand and make things happen for people. They still have to work hard (I mean what type of Fairy Godmother would I be if I did not leave stumbling blocks along the way) but towards the end I would love to make it just a wee bit easier. πŸ™‚

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  2. I heard you.. I set the genie free when he granted me a wish, and I took his form now. So, I did hear and u can ask me anything you wish, cos, I will be the genie until someone sets me free.

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    1. A real genie huh? But now I almost feel obligated to set you free…πŸ€” perhaps we can trick someone who deserves imprisonment into taking your place…Like at the end of Aladdin. πŸ˜‰ I don’t want either of us to be trapped!

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