This was exactly what I needed to read today!


via Daily Prompt: Fret


If you are being ridiculed
There’s no need to fret
Don’t let the others get to you
Let it go…go straight to bed.

A good night’s sleep’s the answer
You’ll feel better when you wake
Don’t let the “jellies” get to you
Forget them for goodness sake.

They are just small-minded
Selfish bullies in disguise
Don’t let them get the best of you
Don’t let them see you cry.

Stand up and don’t you worry
About what they do or say
You’ll be better off without them
They’re just getting in your way.

If all they want is to make fun
Of you and what you wear
They’re really awfully shallow
Why should you really care?

You are going places
They will stay behind
You will have the last laugh
You will blow their minds.

A real friend’s always there for you
And wouldn’t make…

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6 thoughts on “LET IT GO”

    1. I don’t reblog often…Many of the people who follow me are following who I follow…But there are certain posts that speak to me so much I have to. This was certainly one of them!


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