Broken Silence -Saturday Mix – Double Take, 14 April 2018

A touching tribute for any little girl who has been mistreate, abused, raped….❤️


stop-1131143_640I am not dead I am a survivor it's difficult to forget what you did to me because every day I carry the pain! You tied my hand and ripped my pants I begged and pleaded but you never listened you unzipped me so harsh, did I bleed. You forced yourself and once you were done the process repeats again with your friend It hurts like a hell each time you did to me! I screamed to stop but you sadistically laughed. You bite my boobs till my nipples bleed I wonder how did your mom breastfeed! I was there for hours lying motionless, bleeding with pain, I could barely walk or hardly talk. I was brutally raped again and again. Excruciating pain the sheet blood stained I feel numb I feel like a shell I am still alive But a walking dead! Five years passed I see his face…

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