What Was Lost Has Now Been Found

A week ago today I was writing a post about the word prompt “churn”. Although at the time I was staying in a beautiful beach condo with nothing to do but write, there were some things that happened that upset me more than they should have. Because I didn’t sleep well these events caused me to start the negative self-talk I’ve worked so hard to reprogram.

Fortunately I was aware of what I was doing and so I didn’t lose the entire day to self-pity. I didn’t let the spiral of recrimination and fear take over. I saw what was happening, I knew why and I stopped it. Allowing myself to continue was not productive. It would not bring back the lost item; it would not get my book finished.

And because of this experience I have grown.

It is scary to pursue a lifelong dream. Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful, exciting, and completely amazing to be so close to reaching a goal I once thought impossible. But also absolutely terrifying. It’s so easy to let self-doubt crawl in, worry that I’m not prepared enough. And so I have made it impossible for me to back down. I have announced to the world (well, my world) that my book will be available, and so it will. I have invited friends and family over for a book launch on 4/28. There’s no backing down now. I’m 100% committed. Ready or not, this will be done.

I also told my daughter what I had lost. I accepted full responsibility and explained to her that I would replace it because what had happened was not her fault. And when I did this, she learned how it feels when the person truly responsible stands up and makes the wrong things right. In that moment, I honestly felt that the cost of the lost item was worth the lesson I was able to teach. I was grateful I could turn what had felt like a catastrophic event into something so positive. That would have been enough.

And yesterday I found what had been lost. I found it somewhere I’ve checked 100 times. I was certain it wasn’t there. And yet it has been found.

Everything really will be okay.

16 thoughts on “What Was Lost Has Now Been Found”

  1. That has happened to me a million times. For me though it is that I have put it away in a ‘safe place’ and than I forget where that safe place it. More than once have I spent half an hour or so tearing the house apart only to find it right where it was all along. (And I have usually looked there too-it is a multi-dimensional thing I swear to it)

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  2. I am so glad you found the lost item. Life has a way of throwing challenges our way to see how we react, if we are able to stand strong and learn from them or if we let them overtake us. You stayed calm and capitalized on the opportunity to grow. Good for you. 🙂

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