This Is What Happens When You Don’t Stick to a Plan

Some of you have read a lot of my posts and are starting to realize how long my road has been, others are just joining me and perhaps this is the first post they’re reading.

I want to be clear, although I write about the struggles I’ve had, my life has not been bad. By most standards I live a very privileged life and it gets better all the time. I am grateful for the lessons life has taught and am thankful I have been open to learning. Many people have been through so much more than I can even begin to imagine. It is for these people I started to write.

I started this blog, Grateful Single Moms, thinking I could help single mothers connect so they could share stories of their struggles and success (this is why the “s” is on “Moms”). I wanted them to feel they were not alone, I wanted them to know there is support out there for those who seek it. I wanted them to feel hope that even if they’re having a hard time now, things will get easier for them, as it did for me.

I thought I’d write about parenting and my kids. I thought I’d share tips I’ve learned and maybe even some dating advice (I could seriously write a book about dating with all the mistakes I’ve made).

But as I’ve started writing, something different has come out. I’m not writing so much about being a single mom, or even a woman. Parenting hasn’t even come in as often as I’d anticipated. Instead, I’m writing stories of struggles and strength, challenges and courage, obstacles and overcoming them.

This was not my plan, and I like to follow a plan. Normally at this point I would realize I’ve gotten off track. I would work to redirect my course. After all, life is a long haul and we often have to correct our course.

But I’m not going to change direction after all. I love what I’ve been writing. I’ve never been more proud of myself, to be honest. As I write I continue to learn about myself and how I feel about the journey I’ve been on, because even though I have been living mindfully, choosing my path consciously, some thoughts remain unconscious until we give them a way to be expressed.

I’ve always loved the idea of journaling but have never been good at the execution. My life is busy, complicated, full already. Without something to hold me accountable my commitment to writing, in any form, falls below other priorities, like sleeping. I won’t say that this blog is a journal for me, as I honestly feel it’s far more than that.

But it has become an outlet for ideas stretching far beyond being a single mother. I am sincerely grateful for all of you who are joining me on this journey. I appreciate that you take the time to read what I’ve written and I love hearing your comments. The community here has been wonderful and supportive, and I thoroughly love getting to know you through your posts and comments.

I’m not yet sure where this winding road will take me but I love where I am right now.

This post is in response to the daily writing prompt Haul

35 thoughts on “This Is What Happens When You Don’t Stick to a Plan”

  1. The journey is everything, and I too am grateful for this community and those soul-generous travelers we meet along this road. I love what you shared here. I think it is so interesting that you intended to write within tighter categories of being (single moms, women), only to find yourself genuinely representing the human condition. Bravo! And thank you!

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  2. I love your writing and had you been blogging about single parenting or dating I most likely would not be following! (happily being a smug married!) Keep doing what you’re doing πŸ™‚

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    1. Congratulations on being happily married! (Ok that sounds sarcastic but it’s truly sincere… Marriage is hard and full kudos to you!) I’m glad you’re following and I’m happy I’ve allowed myself to truly express what I have to say. πŸ™‚

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  3. I am so glad I ran across your blog to connect with you. I really enjoy your posts! I have the same issue – I started my blog to talk about autism. And I feel limited at times and have had a couple of posts that autism hasn’t really come up at all. I can relate with you – just keep doing what your doing! Your posts are YOU and they are enjoyable

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  4. That’s the thing with writing – the words come as they want to – me forty plus years a scientist ( and as it happens married forty plus years too and to the same woman!) now writing about relationships in one way or another – who’d have thought it! You write in such a natural engaging way – its as if there’s some ethereal plan for you to write as you do… All the best. Eric.

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    1. Thanks Eric! Congratulations on such a successful marriage! I’m truly impressed!

      I’ve always loved writing but struggled with the execution. This is time has been different and I think it’s because I let go of my plan and I’m opening my mind….Just letting the words come out. I don’t know if that sounds crazy but for he first time in my life I feel like I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing. It’s been amazing… Honestly.

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