I Have Been Absolutely Invisible a Billion Times

Have you ever felt invisible?  You’re there, you really are, but no one can see you?

I have felt this way countless times, especially while I was married.  Was my voice not important?  I’m RIGHT HERE!  Why can’t you see me?  Why can’t you hear me?

For a time I continued to feel this way even after my divorce.  Driving down the street in my Honda Odyssey (not a small vehicle), someone would cut me off and I would feel invisible.  At work I’d give my views during a heated debate, only to be ignored.  At home I would ask the girls to help with a chore, but they couldn’t hear me over their bickering.

It’s a horrible feeling, to be invisible.

Eventually I realized that this feeling came from my low self-esteem.  I discovered that I wasn’t being noticed because of something lacking in the other person, not in myself.  The drivers cutting me off in traffic were wrapped up in their own lives.  The coworkers incapable of seeing my point of view were working from their own bias.  My girls were too involved in their own heated debate to hear my request.

All too often we take the faults of others and turn them into our own issues.

It’s not that I’m perfect.  I’m far from it.  I own all my limitations (both known and yet to be discovered).  But I no longer take the mistakes of others and add them to my list.

I am not invisible just because certain people fail to see me.


11 thoughts on “I Have Been Absolutely Invisible a Billion Times”

  1. I know that feeling too! I internalize it, at times, as well – especially when I am already feeling down. But you’re right – it is something lacking in the other person. Nice use of the prompt word!

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