And the Winner for the Sunshine Blogger Award Is…

Yesterday I was nominated twice for the Sunshine Blogger Award. This is an amazing community and I’m proud to be a part of it. The support and encouragement these bloggers give to each other should be replicated in other online and offline forms! Thank you to everyone who has come, read what I have to share, and participated in the conversation. I’ve enjoyed getting to know each of you through your writing!

This nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award came from Lizardin Bain at Unoriginal (love) Notes. Although I am a new follower of hers (since I’m new to the blogging community in general), I have thoroughly enjoyed the straightforward writing. One poem I particularly enjoyed was Pot & Kettle.

Sunshine Blogger Award Rules:
-Thank the blogger who nominated you.
-Answer the 11 questions asked.
-Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
-List the rules and include the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

My Answers:

1. What is the funniest joke you know by heart? (this one is for my kids)
Knock knock
Who’s there?
Cow, who?
Cows don’t say who they say moo!
2. What kind of cult would you like to start? or why not? Sticking with the theme of my blog I’d say the world could use a cult of gratitude. The world would be a much happier place!
3. What celebrity would you rate as a perfect 10? I don’t follow celebrities much, but after talking to a friend yesterday about Jason Mraz I’d say that I’d rate him a 10 just for being a great human being.
4. Which fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life? Sponge Bob
5. What are some things that sound like compliments but are actually insults? “You’re so independent! No wonder you’re still single!”
“I love how you don’t care how you come across!”
“I wish I could keep my house messy like yours!”
6. What’s the closest thing to real magic? Giving birth
7. What is the craziest thing one of your teachers has done? When one of the students fell asleep he let him sleep through the whole class…then at the end slammed his hand down on the desk to scare him awake. That was in 6th grade and I still remember it!
8. What quote or saying do people spout but is complete BS? You are only as old as you feel. That’s partly true but lets face it, age is partly about the numbers!
9. If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask? What happens to us after we die?
10. What’s the most useless talent you have? I can make a book cover out of a paper bag – thank you early childhood education!
11. If animals could talk, which would be the rudest? Cats…they really don’t care what people think.

My Questions:

What is your blog about and what are your goals for your blog?
What are you most grateful for?
What is your fondest memory?
Who most inspires you?
If you could do anything, what would it be?
What are you most proud of?
What’s on your bucket list?
What are you most passionate about?
Where would you most like to go?
What is the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?
What advice would you give to other bloggers?

My Nominees:

Oh Border!

Joy Passion Desire

Norma Shilpi

La Giraffa

Piper’s Adventures

Christine Ray

Judy Dykstra-Brown

Live Out Crazy

EDC Writing

Single Moms Income – Alexa Mason

Nicole at njoyslife

Thank you all for your wonderful posts and including me in your community!

8 thoughts on “And the Winner for the Sunshine Blogger Award Is…”

  1. Congratulations. The compliment that is really an insult award goes to my mum. ‘Oh I love your dress. They make so many nice clothes for big people these days” I need to write a whole post on this subject

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your cult of gratitude, and your answer to what is real magic! Thank you so much for the nomination, and your patience waiting for my delayed response.

    Liked by 1 person

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