This is What Makes Young Girls Blush

My daughters have a hard time accepting praise. They blush when given compliments and tell me to stop. I won’t stop. These girls are amazing. I love them beyond all reason, but even those less biased know how special they are.

I hope in time they learn to accept this about themselves. There are so many negative messages for young girls on TV, on social media, even from adults who are supposed to love them and probably mean well. These messages outnumber the compliments and so they are the ones they feel comfortable with.

Who are they going to believe, their dad when he tells them they’re fat or stubborn? Or me when I tell them they’re beautiful and strong?

Who are they going to believe, their “friends” on Snap Chat when they tell them they look stupid dancing around? Or me when I tell them they look happy and carefree?

Who are they going to believe, television shows that tell them it’s funny to treat people with disrespect? Or me when I tell them that being respectful is kind and a gift?

Why is it easier to accept the negative messages than the positive ones? Why do compliments make my girls blush with embarrassment but ridicule makes them laugh? When did we do this to our children and how can we fix it? I want so much more for them.

Photo by Alexander Shustov on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “This is What Makes Young Girls Blush”

  1. It’s wonderful that you see the negative messages your girls are getting and are trying to counteract them. As an adult, I look back at all of the harmful comments and general societal messages my parents let slide when I was little and I do wish they had offered me another way to think about myself.

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    1. As parents we all do the best we can do. I had similar issues as a child but I know my mother (for all her faults) did the best she could do. I’m far from perfect and can only do what I think is right for my kids. Thanks so much for joining the conversation!


  2. Absolutely wonderful. I agree with you on why females, young and old, and middle-age, tend to accept negative messages about themselves. How do we change it? As a professor of sociology, I tried to teach my female students to value themselves as unique. But, can we undo social media? Good post.

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  3. totally agree it’s like we expect the negatives and are shocked when a positive is give … kids need to feel comfortable with who they are not what society tells them they should be!


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