As parents, when our children are born we find our little babies captivating. We love watching every single move they make. Was that a smile or just gas? Look how alert her eyes are! Did you see him grasp my finger? We are mesmerized by these little people we brought into the world.

As my kids grow I find them no less captivating. I’m awed by the people they are becoming.

My oldest daughter is intelligent, articulate and mature. Having breakfast with a friend of mine one day, the conversation the two of them had about nursing was incredible. You would never expect a 12 year old to know so much about the subject or be able to express her thoughts so well.

My youngest is funny, affectionate and thoughtful. It was her idea that we start fostering for the local animal shelter. She did all the research herself online, writing out everything she thought I should know about fostering, and then sat down with me to explain why this was a good fit for us. And I have to say, she was right.

My kids are just a year apart in age, but such completely unique individuals I’m captivated by the qualities that make each one of them a special person. I wish they appreciated each other more than they do today, but I know as they grow older they will understand their uniqueness better.


Photo by Courtney Prather on Unsplash

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